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Hazelnuts are our speciality. From farm to factory, we are involved in every aspect of the hazelnut value chain. Our aim is to be a driving force towards a hazelnut industry that creates value for all.

What we do

Created in 2015, Ferrero Hazelnut Company (HCo), a division of the Ferrero Group, brings all of Ferrero’s hazelnut activities together under one structure to drive quality and innovation.

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From the Tonda Gentile, grown in the Langhe Hills of Piedmont, Italy, to the Tombul grown on the Turkish Black Sea coast and the Yamhill from Oregon’s Willamette Valley in the USA, each hazelnut variety has its own characteristics

We actively support the improvement of sustainable hazelnut cultivation around the world

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Ferrero Farming Values

Quality, traceability and


We are

committed to



with care for people

and planet

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Hazelnuts are at the heart of Ferrero

We are dedicated to ensuring that our hazelnuts are high-quality and responsibly sourced

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Key numbers

More than 3,000

people working in Ferrero Hazelnut Company


HCo processing plants


HCo Agrifarms

Around 550,000

hazelnut farmers globally

Around 470,000

hazelnut farmers in Turkey

Around 18,000

hazelnut farmers in Italy

Around 600

hazelnut farmers in Chile

Around 1,100

hazelnut farmers in USA

Around 300

hazelnut varieties in the world

Around 700,000

hectares of hazelnut orchards in Turkey

Around 90,000

hectares of hazelnut orchards in Italy

Around 35,000

hectares of hazelnut orchards in Chile

Around 35,000

hectares of hazelnut orchards in USA

Our Partners

We believe collaboration is essential. Working together is key to developing the hazelnut value chain.


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Find out about Ferrero’s strategy to source ingredients sustainably, protect the environment, promote responsible consumption and empower people.