How we process our hazelnuts

Ferrero Hazelnut Company (HCo) has seven processing plants, which are certified under internationally recognised standards, and located in Turkey, Italy and Chile.

Once harvested, the hazelnuts are dried, cleaned and sent to our plants for processing, which involves the following steps:

Hazelnuts calibration process


In shell calibration

This first step classifies hazelnuts according to their sizes.

Hazelnuts cracking process



This step breaks the hazelnut shell without damaging the kernel.

Hazelnuts selection process


Selection and kernel calibration

The hazelnuts then go through an additional process in order to select the kernels that comply with our quality requirements.


Ready for Ferrero's Facilities

Once the hazelnuts have been sorted, cracked and selected, we carry out a series of quality checks. After this, they are packed and stored under strict conditions. They are then delivered to Ferrero’s confectionery production facilities.

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From the Tonda Gentile, grown in the Langhe Hills of Piedmont, Italy, to the Tombul grown on the Turkish Black Sea coast and the Yamhill from Oregon’s Willamette Valley in the USA, each hazelnut variety has its own characteristics


We are dedicated to ensuring that our hazelnuts are high-quality and responsibly sourced.