Sustainable quality hazelnuts

Ferrero Farming Values (FFV) aims to develop sustainable supply chains for our main raw materials, including hazelnuts.

Our Hazelnut FFV programme works to make more quality sustainable hazelnuts available, with a focus on sustainable agricultural and social practices, and on enhancing traceability. We share our know-how from FFV so we can improve hazelnut cultivation in all the countries where we are present.

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Our Hazelnut FFV programme consists of four areas, tailored to different countries, which brings together the global expertise of HCo:

Agri Competence Centre

Our experts, together with our partners, create and share scientific knowledge in hazelnut cultivation to improve quality and productivity and enhance sustainability.

Agribusiness Development

Together with partners such as farmer associations and institutional bodies, we support the development of hazelnut cultivation around the world. We focus on improving quality and yield and enhancing sustainability.


At our Agrifarms, we showcase good agricultural practices and support the sector’s sustainable development.

Traceability and Sustainability

We are committed to achieving full traceability of our hazelnuts to farm level. We actively support the improvement of working conditions and social practices.

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Responsible Sourcing

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Ferrero Hazelnut Charter

Our aim is to be a driving force behind a hazelnut industry that creates value for all.