Responsible sourcing is integral to ensuring a fair, sustainable and transparent value chain

Ferrero carefully assesses the best way to source all its raw materials responsibly, such as cocoa and palm oil, as well as hazelnuts.

Fundamental to Ferrero’s responsible sourcing approach are partnerships, collective engagements and supplier management. We expect our partners to uphold our Code of Business Conduct and our Supplier Code, which outline our ethical sourcing expectations. 

engage our suppliers

We engage our suppliers on a journey of continuous improvement

Ferrero only sources hazelnuts from suppliers that have signed and follow its Supplier Code. Our Supplier Code enables us to engage our suppliers on a journey of continuous improvement. A due diligence-based approach is applied to ensure suppliers align with the objectives of the Supplier Code. Our suppliers are key partners in ensuring that the criteria we have set for our value chain are also applied to their own.

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We aim to be driving force behind a hazelnut industry that creates value for all.


We aim to make more quality sustainable hazelnuts available.