We are committed to achieving full traceability

Achieving this commitment is challenging in some countries where supply chains are larger and more complex. In other countries, we have reached higher levels of traceability. In Chile and the USA, for example, we have achieved full traceability. Our partnership with software provider Sourcemap is enabling us to enhance traceability by using the most advanced technologies.

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Improving sustainable agricultural and social practices

We are committed to applying the principles of regenerative agriculture. We share our expertise in good agricultural practices through our Agrifarms, demonstration orchards and field training. Our FFV team promotes good social practices together with NGOs through projects, training and awareness-raising activities.

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Third party verification and certification

We apply third-party verification and certification for both our own operations and those of our suppliers.

Our Hazelnut Production Standard, developed with the global certification firm SCS Global Services, applies to farmers within our FFV Turkey programme and outlines best cultivation practices to drive sustainable changes along the hazelnut value chain. SCS Global Services and local auditing firms carry out annual audits in accordance with this standard.

Our Agrifarms in Chile and Serbia have been certified under SCS’s Sustainably Grown standard, and we plan to have more of our Agrifarms certified this way. The Sustainably Grown standard provides a framework and common set of environmental, social and economic requirements to show that crops have been produced sustainably.

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Responsible Sourcing

We are committed to sourcing responsibly, with care for people and planet.

Ferrero Hazelnut Charter

Our aim is to be a driving force for a hazelnut industry that creates value for all.