Our aim is to be a driving force behind a hazelnut industry that creates value for all

The Ferrero Hazelnut Charter developed together with Earthworm Foundation, a non-profit focused on positively improving value chains, outlines Ferrero’s requirements and commitments for the responsible sourcing of hazelnuts.

The Charter applies to all our hazelnut sourcing. The approach is based on ensuring compliance with our own policies to which all of our suppliers are expected to adhere, and our belief that we must “Go Beyond” compliance by identifying specific commitments based on selected priorities and initiatives.

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Our vision for a sustainable hazelnut production means that farming communities are thriving, workers and children’s rights are respected, and environmental values are enhanced through regenerative agricultural practices.

The challenges in the hazelnut sector are complex, and in some countries deeply rooted. They vary from country to country and range from the need to improve working conditions for agricultural workers to address social issues such as child labour, to the implementation of integrated strategies to manage pests.

We recognise that challenges like these need a holistic, long-term approach. For example, Ferrero is actively engaged in programmes covering its sourcing areas in Turkey, with the aim of contributing to the elimination of child labour in seasonal agriculture in hazelnut harvesting, including work on a project with the ILO (November 2020 - March 2024). This work includes developing public-private partnerships (PPP) that bring together national, regional and local authorities, as well as civil society and private sector actors.

Our Ferrero Farming Values (FFV) is key to putting the Hazelnut Charter into practice. As part of FFV, we have a team of more than 100 people on the ground in Turkey engaging with farming communities.

We know that we can achieve more together. We are working with the ILO and other relevant organisations to drive meaningful change.

We are committed to enabling farming practices that work better with nature. In Italy, we support farmers to implement integrated strategies towards pest management, including biological control.

Our Agrifarms in Chile and Serbia have been certified under the Sustainably Grown standard. Our Agrifarms are key to working towards demonstrating the benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Our hazelnuts come from different parts of the world. The main origins are Turkey, Italy, Chile and the USA. We are committed to achieving full traceability of our hazelnuts.

The Charter is based on Ferrero’s selected priorities in three areas:


Human Rights and Social Practices




Environmental protection and Sustainability




Supplier Transparency



1 Human Rights and Social Practices

We are committed to joyful growth and child protection across our sourcing areas and on improving the livelihoods of hazelnut communities and enhancing farmer resilience. For us, child protection means that we are determined to prevent and eliminate child labour through collective engagement all along our value chain. Our conviction is that every child should be protected, by experiencing joyful growth through a right to education and a safe environment.

Learn more about our commitments to Human Rights and Social Practices in the Ferrero Hazelnut Charter.



2 Environmental protection and Sustainability

We believe that as a long-term tree crop, hazelnut trees have the potential to contribute to farming landscapes if managed well.

We are committed to applying the principles of regenerative agriculture on our own Agrifarms and to supporting the adoption of these principles by the agricultural community across selected territories in our main sourcing countries.

Regenerative agriculture principles allow farmers to work better with nature. The principles of regenerative agriculture that we seek to promote include focusing on building soil health, finding agro-ecological ways to manage inputs and enhancing biodiversity.

Learn more about our commitments to Environmental Protection and Sustainability in the Ferrero Hazelnut Charter.



3 Supplier transparency

We are committed to achieving full traceability to farm level of our sourced hazelnuts.

Traceability is essential in building a sustainable value chain. It enables us to monitor where our hazelnuts come from and to verify the conditions under which they are produced.

We are working with our suppliers to improve traceability and achieve greater transparency from all stakeholders. We are partnering with Sourcemap, a leading provider of traceability software, to enhance traceability by using the most advanced technologies.

Learn more about our commitments to Supplier Transparency in the Ferrero Hazelnut Charter.



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